Elektron Digitakt


* Traveled to San Diego, CA to attend the wedding of the youngest cousin of Melissa. It was a wonderful long weekend for us. However it was not so wonderful for lots of people who lost their homes or their lives because of California wildfires….

* A Russian ship attacked an Ukrainian ship in international waters. Another mass murder shooting in the USA. Washington Post reporter was brutally murdered by direct orders of Saudi Arabia’s Crown Prince. Our pathetic President sees no evil and contradicts what the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) clearly concluded.

* Love and affection. Smell of skin. Morning breathing before dawn. Coffee and “monkey brains” breakfast. NY Times crossword puzzle. Melissa is a rainbow all the time.


Twenty Sided Store


* Another Sunday afternoon we ended up at “Human Head” to browse used vinyls… it’s like a guilty pleasure we both enjoy. Great records from the 60’s, 70’s, 80’s and 90’s… decades of music waiting to be found again.

* Early in the month we attended NYC Comic Con. It was quite an experience. Graphic novels, movies, tv shows, toys, video games, expensive collectibles and lots of Cosplayers blending different fantasy worlds in the same place…. think John Snow, Thanos, Ciri, Han Solo, Lara Croft, Captain Kirk, Sniper Wolf and both Mario Bros walk into a bar…… etc etc

Compelling Testimony

2018-09* Today I took a day off from work. Rode the subway and got off around 59th St and 5th ave. Walked all the way down to Union Square / 14th St. As I was walking I ran into a square of food street vendors and had some Japanese squid with noodles. There were tourists (with their little tourist books about NYC). Homeless, beggars and despair too. People taking their lunch break or rushing back to work. A couple of ladies were crying for whatever reason. A woman was telling to other person at the other side of a telephone call that “she needed space”. After I said thanks for my delicious lunch the japanese street vendor bowed his head and said “arigato”.

* On the subway going back home another homeless man (and very angry to the world) asked (actually yelled) for attention for any loose change we had. There was a beautiful fat black lady singing on the downstairs area to reach the L train. Among my thoughts was the possibility of leaving my job. It’s tempting to have the opportunity to start over again…. even though I’m not 25 anymore.

* Had a dream about my maternal grandparents. My grandma Josefa was singing, probably to those romantic songs of “Dario Gomez”. My grandpa Alfredo was dancing. In real life I can’t recall seeing him dance (ever). But in my dream he was graceful and happy with every beat on the dance floor.

Smashing Pumpkins


* During the first song performed by Billy Corgan I cried. It was unexpected, bittersweet and beautiful:  “Disarm you with a smile, and cut you like you want me to cut that little child inside of me and such a part of you, oh the years burn“.

* John McCain died this past weekend, shortly before his 82nd birthday. His mother of 106 years old outlives him. Never met him personally but I admired him. Both Barack Obama and George W. Bush have been asked to give eulogies on his funeral. Current president is “persona non grata“.

* We rode our bicycles to Brooklyn Bridge Pier and took a ferry to Governor’s Island. Met up with Kathryn, Penelope, Harriet and Mike. Some band was playing music from the 1920’s. For lunch we had jamaican jerk chicken. Rode our bikes back to Brooklyn. Summer sunday fun in the sun.

Valve | Steam


* When I do a speed-run my muscles burn and my heart beat goes so incredibly fast I should find a way to record its sound.

* A drone synth playing back and forth. Oscillator 1 is a triangle wave. Oscillator 2 is square wave. Oscillator 3 is a pulse width modulation (pwm) wave. Cutoff frequency is -3.5. Filter emphasis is around 9. The amount of filter countour is 2. The rate of the LFO (low frequency oscillator) is 1.5. Modulation is affected by LFO and Oscillator 3. A short sequence looping in PRO-TOOLS with a beat from BOOM drum machine. Time goes by endlessly.

*  “Heaven can wait, and hell’s too far to go. Somewhere between what you need and what you know. And they’re trying to drive that escalator into the ground” – lyrics from “Heaven Can Wait” by Charlotte Gainsbourg and produced by Beck.

How Do Jet Engines Work?


* Sleep deprivation takes its toll at work. Something simple, almost trivial, was wrongly executed. How many zeroes for kilo? for mega? for giga? for tera? etc….

* We attended the wedding of Ashley and Arog down in Hot Springs, Arkansas. A charming town, home of president Bill Clinton and quite popular back in the day because of their fancy bath houses.

* Trade wars, bloody wars, political wars, extremists wars, immigration wars… yet there’s some relief found in the soccer world cup. As of today there are 5 Central / South American countries that made it to the round of 16: Uruguay, Argentina, Brazil, Mexico and Colombia. Mmmm…. the USA team didn’t even make it to the tournament.

Heavens on Earth


* Very fond memories of Memorial Day holiday weekend in Atlanta (Georgia) and rest of the week at New Orleans (Louisiana). Going back to work, it all feels like a dream.

* Recently I went for a job interview at CUNY (City University of New York) for a job directly related to their data-center and campus network. Went to my local barber-shop and had a hair cut (better than trying to cut it myself again), had a bit of trouble fitting into my nice suit pants, arrived on-time, met a group of 4 people and answered them questions about technical stuff…. At the end I was escorted out and explained this was the first round of interviews. Hope they call me back for the second round.

* “When you were young and your heart was an open book you used to say live and let live” – quote from “Live and Let Die” song by Wings (Linda and Paul McCartney)