Science of Lust – Love Artilects

* In a couple of weeks I’ll be 29 years old and still remember my first christmas bicycle, all shining red and with an annoying ring-bell…

* Television as a way to alienate people into buying useless crapp, “holy” bibles in mass production, cooks cheered as celebrities, celebrities wannabes giving shallow interviews, politicians telling the lie of the day for their own benefit (screw the common people)… and now I ask you: When Was The Last Time You Pick Up A Book ?

* Sitting in my window I can see the full moon above the humming city, in a mist like sky. A surreal evening on psychedelic brain. The long distance call from a lover, right before going out. Dancing all night. Walking home with strangers. Letting lust flow like a fountain. Soft skin and dreamy eyes, golden hair where I could sleep secure, the sun is again slowly appearing. Another kiss good bye and the illusion of another time… Will someone save me from myself?

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