High Tech Disease – Scratch The Bruises

* I remember when I was younger there was a girl who asked me to trade my eyes with hers. At least one, so she could keep part of me.

* It was not precisely headline news but on june 14 a huge meteor cross near OUR planet, very close. The scary part was that it was detected on june 17 that it happened. In other words, we could be hit without warnings and sent back to the caves. or hell.

* So this little girl troubles the world with her beauty. She pretends to be naive when in fact she already knows your mind. You’re nothing but her anatomic puppet for sex. Now, where the fuck is my camera?

* Give me the privilege of your ignorance. A point of view won’t change the facts. Purpose ? What is it? Complexity is overwhelming. I need things to be simple again. Weightless feeling of being. All I ever wanted was everything. But there are no second chances.

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