Skin Diving – Hold Your Breath

* Look at those around you in any subway ride, pretend you’re inside their bodies and mind, you know what they are thinking, all their worries and illusions, where they live and how that place looks like, feel their overweight body and tight shoes, and look at yourself from their point of view: what would they think of you?

* Displaced by civil wars, floods and political chaos, in Southern Africa at this very moment there’s the danger of 14 million people facing total starvation. And some fucking asshole wrote in the bible that famines were sent as an effect of God’s anger against guilty people. What have these people done to deserve it?

* The painting on the wall look at us all with its demented eyes but it’s pleasant… buzzed brain (i don’t need you anymore) cigarette burns… dance till you drop dead -names and faces fade- but the music remains (my own personal bubble)

* Her big blue eyes talk to me in silence. Her sadistic smile couldn’t be more cute.

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