Ultraviolet – Good Weather for Airstrikes

* Never wanted to talk about politics, as the fear to disappear by the government just like in the dictatorial military years of Argentina and Chile…. those who express themselves different and are a thinking threat, can disappear. And now the oil dependent thugs that rule this super-power country (with puppet and puppeteers) want to start another war. Shit. (does the word OIL rings a bell ?)

* My brother wrote to me the other day, reminding me that life should be pleasant and not merely pleasures. This hollow feeling of changing faces and names in the dance floor, bar or bed was killing me. Most people can’t pick an apple from the tree. They want the whole thing. I just wanted something real.

* So I read on a book about the love affair between an archangel and a she-devil. Lovers they were. They had a son called Genesis. The parents were judged and punished with death. And God himself assemble a meeting with all the members of his kingdom and announced his retirement. Because Genesis was as strong as Lucifer and God together. A new concept. Good and Evil in the same entity. The perfect super hero.

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