Unconditional Love – War on Earth

* The image of your little self as a kid when the amateur photographer was preparing his debut shot with a brand new (used) camera. The lake behind you remains placid and cold. You didn’t know about the future. You didn’t care about it. But the snapshot freezes time. That little kid was you. The amateur photographer your dad. And now it’s nothing but a memory.

* Greedy bastards, black gold junkies, cowards war lust, arrogant stubborn fucks…. are these supposed to be our world leaders?

* Last night I was in the most pleasant of the dreams, but there was a drip-drip-drip sound…. my senses started to awake and heard the drip-drip-drip louder. There it was: water leaking from the ceiling to the carpet, to the table, to the bed…. shit. Get the bucket from the bathroom, get a glass from the kitchen…. now what? the drip-drip-rythm driving me insane..

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