Happy End of the World

* Übermensh, I think. And the illusion of freedom. The fake intellectuals watching cable TV. Then the smile of a stranger gives me relief for a second. But then again beauty in people is just another point of view. What you feel artificial, all the make believes. Glimpses. Flashes you don’t keep. Being dead now, what difference would it make? Music is my cure. I’m drunk like I wanted to be. And this is a glimpse I am tasting right now. Delicious.

* The government people are our employees. We pay their salary and benefits with our bloody taxes. We should be able to fire them as well. Or send them to hell. Let new puppets rise. Sesame Street has some really cool and honest puppets. I’m going to vote for the Cookie Monster.

* If I was rich I would buy the building where I live and keep 6th floor. Let my friends live in the other apartments, for cheap. Throw parties on the roof and smoke weed like there is no tomorrow. I will always love you.

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