Lust – The Loudest Heartbeat

* The Jetsons, 2001:Space Odyssey, Blade Runner, Pigs In Space: they all promised an impressive future, so where are our fuel efficient flying cars? But as far as I can feel we’re actually living more 1984, Brave New World and Brazil: Intrusive Faceless Government in a Culture of Fear and Consumerism to Control the Masses. (wake up little brothers, wake up!)

* I’ve become a vampire, pale skin after years of no direct sunlight. Green red eyes perfectly built for darkness. Cold weather couldn’t be more perfect for this soul. When everybody is pink and ready to go to work, I’m coming back from my night shift…. Fuck, I hate to work in a factory (^_^)!

* Radioactive blue eyes making me feel safe and loved…..

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