Astral Conversation – Ketamine High

* I’d been through cheap street liquor and colorful drugs, through temporary slavery and young executive bullshit, through family gatherings and warehouse raves, through legendary girlfriends and senseless promiscuity….. I guess is time to turn on the lights.

* Son casi tres años del dia que deje todo atras y empeze de nuevo en otras tierras. Ahora mas que nunca me siento lejos de quienes eran parte abundante en mi vida. Pero a pesar de estar tan desconectados, tengo los mejores recuerdos. Ojala hubiera tomado mas fotos.

* Sometimes I want some ignorance inside me and stop thinking so much, like those millions of souls watching ultimate wisdom television, the perfect bubble of reality isolation. But seems that not even wars all around the world, hunger and disease in countries as the everyday thing, the danger of sending the whole world to hell in nuclear holocaust (who will care of oil after that anyway), none of these things will make them care…. they are too busy singing the tunes of the commercials. Are you guys awake ?

* So this little girl puts her arms around him and speaks only with her eyes. It is a desolated beach in a winter afternoon and the wind is freezing their noses. No words needed, they already know. And smiled before going back.

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