Electroclash Flower

* When I came to New York City, with a backpack and a gigantic Ego, expecting to get a job quickly and not struggle a little, as back in my country I was a spoiled successful young punk in an executive suit. But I was wrong. Learned to be patience. Learned to play chess with life. And my Ego….. it drowned in the river.

* War drums don’t have a techno beat, they are more like an upbeat funeral.

* Go figure the new year’s propositions, written on paper for the first time. As the will to write more music is nothing new, but becoming a vegetarian still shocks those who know me. Simply put, a cow a porky or a stupid chicken live in concentration camps ever since they are born until they die…. I won’t feed on suffering.

* I’d been working in a homepage just to have one place to put pictures, music and writings. Feel free to visit. People from ‘Shout’ may find themselves there. People from ‘Las Moscas’ are for sure there. My Bloody Valentine is there. And all the previous essays. If a bolt of light strikes me dead, at least you can read the re-runs…. (^_^)!

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