Double Helix Acid

* According to the respected newspaper ‘The Onion’ being the current economical problems and huge budget deficits of faith and money, God is going to optimize the Holy Trinity by cutting all the staff and functions of the Holy Spirit. After this is implemented the Father and Son will be addressed as the Holy Duo.

* So here’s a tiny dictator that uses platform shoes and a morrisey haircut to look taller, it’s the only person with fat cheeks and a big belly in the whole country while the rest of the population are starving, supposedly the day he was born there were a double rainbow and a bright star in the sky and among his toys maybe nuclear bombs already. This fucking Kim Jong-il, dictator of North Korea is bloody dangerous to the whole world… too bad there’s no oil there.

* I’m so embarrassed that the other night in an after-party, the intoxication levels with liquor were so high that my legs started to do a funky walk I couldn’t control. Being that everybody was amused by this new funk-walking technique, I decided to have another scotch….

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