Wurlitzer Detuned Piano

* After attending to a Bjork concert I came to think that she tries hard to look always cute to her audience but I bet in her private life she’s a psycho selfish bitch. Either way it was a nice concert. Sigur Ros also played, even though some people were wondering who those guys were and what funny language was that they were signing…..

* John Horgan wrote a book called “End of Science”. He was predicting somehow how humanity at the present time was going back to the medieval mystical beliefs, leaving the intellectual and scientific thoughts to a minority population. Too bad he was right. It’s like the dark ages again, with Inquisition and all.

* Regarding images of Buddha, sometimes is polite to pay respect to the image but not in worship or asking for favors, just plain thanks for the teachings. Buddhists never preach or try to convert. Besides, there has never been a war fought in the name of Buddhism. I guess in other words, Buddhism is way cooler way of thinking.

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