Love Spiral Upwards

* Ever since I got married I’d been given advice about marriage, about understanding and patience, trying to give hope or something. Somehow I think most people married the wrong person. On my case things are just getting better. Even my belly is growing (I have to cut out the cheese….)

* So here we are in this little planet spinning silently around a star that also spins around a galaxy with millions of other stars with their own puny little planets spinning and the whole galaxy is spinning but there are many other galaxies spinning and we have all this immensity totally unaware of our existence. But this little planet is our home. We should take care of our home, little planet Earth.

* Dancing salsa music and drinking caipirinha, drinking a bit more and dancing 60’s rock in a crowded basement, another drink for the ride home and the promise of love, sweet wild love. But those drinks drown my brain and left me only to pass out on the futon. Harmless, happy and drunk (^_^).

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