Mister Potato Head

The slogan in a series of ads from Nintendo: “Who are you?”, portraying Mario at the fall of the Berlin Wall, Samus Aran in a boxing ring, Peach Princess as the Mona Lisa, Yoshi as Gene Simmons (with his tongue all out) playing the bass guitar. The question expands to are you your possessions, your actions, who your friends think you are, are you more?

Reminds me of the idea of making a living with my own music, but music has never paid the rent. Anyway at the end of high-school between music and engineering I chose math over harmonies, logic over chords, circuits over piano strings. But in the end they complement each other. So the question is not ‘who are you’ but ‘what are you becoming’.

And mediocrity is not acceptable. Instead of complaining and talking out loud it’s always better to do something about it. And once again, like many cycles before… let’s begin.

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