Giant Frozen Margarita

* In 1961 after the failure of Bay of Pigs, JFK said “the final responsibilities of any failure is mine, and mine alone”. And thinking about it, people should be responsible for their actions and decisions, instead of looking for scape goats or excuses, blaming somebody else or simply letting somebody else fall for them. Like at my work and those under-qualified managers with their sea of mistakes and never stepping down, just laying off more people. And please don’t make me talk about the government…. Those who have power should be more accountable for their major screw ups. Specially if those who pay for those mistakes pay with their life.

* So it was quite an experience to have both our mothers visiting, the fancy eating, museum, ballet, Rififi Dancing, Scotch, Tequila and Wine, long distance walks and more food, and after much debate, the yellow cab back home… screw the subway. All for our mothers.

* Walking through the streets with an iPod is like living your own music video. Maybe in the future we can have an iPod implanted in our brain, so we can just turn off our ears to exterior noise and let the soundtrack of our life surround us.

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