Cute Little Mouse

* Jenny found out in an anthropology book that Cali (the city where I grew up) is famous for the beauty of its women. She asked me if that was true (and yes, it is true) and if so, how can she compete. The answer was simple “you already won”.

* Noises. Slowly opening your eyes you notice the mouse looking at himself in the mirror against the wall. Holy shit. A mouse. It looks almost cute. But a mouse….?! Shit. Think, what can you do? The mouse realizes that it’s not alone and quickly hides in the corner closet. You block the exit with two thick books and start removing some shoes and stuff. The mouse is behind a belt, hoping that you will go away. You get a plastic trash can and remove one of the books and put the trash can instead. The mouse runs for it trying to escape but instead gets inside the plastic trash can. You close it and peek into it and notice the mouse at the bottom and then jumping. You go outside with the plastic trash can and walk to the park, and let the mouse free. You feel good because you didn’t kill it. Go back home and to bed again. Sleep. Noises. Shit, not again… but now there are two of them, wondering where is their friend…

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