Harry Pothead and the Wizard of Badacidtrip

* So I got into a fight with a guy after he was grabbing my girl’s butt and then the bouncers kick us all out but after a block away we have to come back because jenny forgot her purse and at the door the guy and his friend were trying to get back into the party, the bouncer let jenny in to only pick up her purse and then the two losers started insulting me and to the bouncer’s judgment it was fair enough to let me back in (after all that guy was messing with jenny’s butt) so those guys stayed out and we got back into the party and jenny kept on dancing happily but I sat down and started to shake… I need another drink.

* Remember when everything was simple? Riding a bike didn’t needed a license. Girls were just other little friends to play hide and seek. The little people we were. With our colorful clothes and high pitch voices. I may become a father of one of those little people, maybe in 10 years…..

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