Alien Little Planet

Deprived of sleep for a week I glanced at the stupid tv screen for brief moments to remind me how much I hate the television. Only old black and white films were of any relevance. And the large amount of stupid crap that is being advertised makes me sick. Specially the never ending devices, creams or exercise tapes to make your fat disappear easily, so they claim. And all this fucks promising magic ways to make money, guaranteed. Don’t get me started with religious fanatics and their loud freaking singing. Bitter I may feel, but not really. I am grateful for the little things. All the little things have more value.

Turn off the tv. Much better. Quietness. Looking out the window and there’s not a lit room behind all the windows. Everybody sleeps. But I can’t sleep…. some times it feels that time is going backwards, or is not moving forward at all.

Sweet Jenny is sleeping, probably dreaming of some warm place. I lay next to her and she keeps on dreaming but grabs my hand by instinct. I feel peace for a couple of minutes. But I can’t sleep. Get up again…. it’s almost dawn…. what’s wrong? The world….. this little planet would be a better place without the human virus fucking it all. I want to take Jenny with me to another planet and start over. That would be nice.

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