Reciprocal Altruism

Walking into the gigantic bridge, suspended a thousand miles above the river, trees and rocks. The early morning fog surrounds everything, can’t see the other end at all. Peeking slowly to the border of the bridge, just to feel a thrill and vertigo for a second or two.

And even if symbolic, I imagine that crossing this fog surrounded bridge at dawn is just another reminder of things are nothing but cycles. And soon enough another fresh start. Challenges worth the prize of admission, a masochist desire for more pain and pleasure, and right after a peak comes a slow down mellow moment which doesn’t last.

I want more. To learn and experience, to fulfill the body and the mind. And this hunger never ends. It is what keeps me alive. And I thank every single beautiful soul that surrounds me during this marvelous trip. And when it finally ends, I hope I can die with a smile on my face and a fountain of light into outer space.

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