Etcetera and Repeat

I think I need a real haircut. For years I’d been cutting my own hair with a machine so noisy it gives me a headache when using it. But hair keeps on growing I have to cut it. Same goes with nails. I am incapable of eating them, so I trim them down with an oversized nail-clipper.

I use to eat without discrimination all kinds of food, and fat used to become the occasional face acne, or it would simply evaporate into a void I never knew of. Now it seems to be very fond of my stomach area, where I used to have a brick of muscles now it’s nothing but a not so firm extension of flesh. Very cute I want to think (not really).

I was supposed publish a brand new song tonight on the music section of this website, but I want to re-record the vocals with Jenny.

Today a machine gave me a massage at an airport. And after several hours, my back is still pain free. No urgency to swallow more pills. And that’s a good thing.

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