Syncing Slowly

Red stains in my teeth after a few bottles of wine. Also sake and old fashioned whiskey. And I am still standing. Actually I am sitting down.

Anyway….. as I was saying, we are insignificant after the magnitudes that the universe deals with. Do all these religious fucks think we are chosen and shit? Let me tell you about bully black-holes sucking dry all your imaginary gods. All of that titanic energy could easily tear galaxies apart. And here we are in our tiny little planet, our home, killing ourselves, waging wars, accelerating our own extinction.

And I love traveling light. Hands free, maybe just a big backpack. Carrying extra unnecessary crap is out of the question. But still there’s always someone asking you to bring some gigantic sewing machine overseas, like it is something you can just blend in with your clothes.

I am full of darkness. I need to punch a boxing bag or a frozen cow corpse, like old fat-ass rocky while training to get his ass kicked. So much energy I need to let out otherwise I am going to explode.

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