Randomizer Algorithm

When I was very little in kindergarden (i think) there were two twin brothers who even at such a young age were already senseless bullies. They would push me down hard in the sandbox and laugh. I was hurt and confused while clearing my nose and mouth of unwanted sand. Being such a skinny kid didn’t help me much to fight back.

A couple of years later at the end of a long school day, I was happily eating ice cream while being in line to get into the bus to ride home. By accident I spilled some of my ice cream into the big guy in front of me. He turned around mad, and crushed the rest of the ice cream on me.

Oh bullies, they were all so big and scary. Chances are they all turned out to be nothing but overweight losers with a lost cause, wondering what they did wrong.

Well, they shouldn’t have messed around with bad karma.

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