Det Sjunde Inseglet

* It’s like 3am and can’t sleep. So quiet. It’s snowing outside. What a weird dream I’ve just had. Need to write it down before I forget it. But first let’s have some water. The snow storm is so relaxing to look at. Oh dear, what was that dream about?

* The knight returned from the crusades and on his way home, he bargains his life over a chess match with Death. In the end the Knight learns that Death knows nothing. It has no answers. Nor new questions. And Death always wins at last. Before that, we better play wisely. (inspired by Ingmar Bergman and his Seventh Seal)

* So what is this magazine about? Is this like a lesbian magazine? “No, it’s not lesbian, it’s feminist” … I didn’t know you were a lesbian, wait until I tell the guys I married a lesbian “yeah, right… they will tell you ‘dude, that’s so hot’….”

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