Bruise Pristine

* It was Tuesday when I was born. Premature baby, only seven months in the womb. So I was told… maybe because my parents got married in December and I was born in June. Or maybe my mom was already pregnant when they got married. And there are no pictures of the wedding. Like it didn’t happen. Either way I got myself into their lives. I was a premature baby.

* We tend to forget so easily. But when I get to be 101 years old I want to remember everything. That’s why writing and capturing images is so important to me. Even now after 10 years in New York City there is so much to remember. Thank you for being part of my life.

* (Grusynskaya) Who are you? (Baron Felix von Geigern) Someone who could love you. That’s all. Someone who’s forgotten everything else but you. (Grusynskaya) You could love me? (Baron Felix von Geigern) I’ve never seen in my life anything as beautiful as you are. -Quoting Greta Garbo and John Barrymore in Grand Hotel, 1932-

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