Flower Sun Rain

296be-2010-08-28* He couldn’t sleep all night, spinning around in bed while thinking a thousand things. He remembered just how randomly they met 100 years ago, when they made eye contact, lights and sparks from both of their eyes blinded everybody around. They would dance and travel for years and then when they got exhausted, they would slow down and settle for some quietness in a secret place only they knew. Their first encounter was a gift from chaos to them. It was their choice that kept them together, and their choice broke them apart….. then chaos welcomed them back.

* Psychedelic noise rock pierced my ears with passion and love. Wata’s voice and her guitar, Atsuo ‘s powerful drums and Takeshi’s drone bass…. they are Boris. Whatever is left of my ears still rings and buzzes with pleasure.

* Sitting on the roof top, watching the sun fall down, wishing she was there.

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