John Gabriel Borkman

edd3a-2011-01She was leading the way to a place she only knew. We walked down the stairs of some sort of outdoors theater stage and found some large tables and multiple doors. Behind one of the doors we watched a small TV set playing a Placebo music video. We became part of the music video. Brian Molko was high up on the stage mocking DJ culture, but the song itself was based on heavy distorted guitars. The drums’ crash cymbal was behind him but because of the angle it looked to us like a saint’s halo. With the left arm he would seem to be blessing the audience. Then he would raise the right arm like a fascist salute. She was wearing a night gown. I hold her from behind while we watched the performance. She grabbed my butt while I reached her pussy from behind. I masturbated her briefly but noticed some blood so I figured that she was still on her period. The alarm buzzer kicked in and I woke up. She was lying next to me. We were on her loft bed, surrounded by white walls and books, where we could have touched the ceiling with our feet.

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