The Sunshine Underground

2011-02After closing the bar for the night we headed to a place to celebrate a birthday or something, not sure anymore. The studio apartment was surrounded by the most stimulating objects, hard cover art books, random images playing on a tv screen, little random things. We formed a circle of people and everybody took their little purple dot. After hesitating for a bit I was finally convinced by my good friend and I took my share of it. Maybe an hour later I discovered in the bathroom mirror that my eyes were no longer green and alive  but have transformed instead into a dark lifeless void. Music more than ever was a presence I couldn’t resist and I surrendered to it. At dawn of sunday morning we went out for a walk. One of the city’s main avenues was closed to cars, instead it was filled with a sea of people jogging or riding bicycles. Our presence, even if out of place, was not rejected by the healthy looking crowd. We were somewhat amused by the sunlight colors and the change of scenario. Slowly, we started to part ways. Some headed to the airport to pickup somebody’s sister (later I heard that it was a terrible idea and a real endurance test for mind and body). Most of us just headed home. Once there I couldn’t sleep. It was too bright and I was too aware of every microscopic component of my room.

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