Irene Expedia Barcelona

01082-2011-08-v2When I was 15 years old a security guard at a drive-in cinema shot at me twice. He didn’t hit me, or maybe it was only warning shots, it doesn’t matter now. Early that evening I went “walking” to this drive-in cinema (which by the way no longer exists, a chain supermarket takes its place now) as I didn’t have a car, however there was siting space for those without a car. When I got home from the movies I realized that my wallet was gone, so I figured that my wallet slide out of my pants and I left it at the cinema. My dad was home and offered me to drive me back so I can get my wallet. We knocked and called out but nobody answered. The cinema looked deserted, so I decided to go inside by climbing a fence. A few steps after I walked in I saw this mother-fucker emerging from the darkness holding a gun and then shooting at me. I hit the floor flat and he approached me slowly. Asked me to get up and walk to the little office of the cinema. I told him that I came back for my wallet. And he told me that my wallet was found by the janitors but regardless he was going to call  the cops and blame me for some shit he got stolen before. Then some car-honks started to blast out. He drop the phone and wondered WTF. I told him I was not alone, that I came with my dad and he was probably the one making all that noise. He decided not to call the cops anymore, and walked me to the gate. Then my dad talked to the guy, very polite, he gave me my wallet back, and apologized for the inconvenience…..

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