Your Eyes The Most Honest

75204-2011-11* When you question something it changes, cracks, breaks and transforms its nature. So what is it to be done? Nothing. Don’t question it so thoroughly, avoid over analyzing. If some things can’t be understood without question them, chances are the answers to such questions won’t be truthful. And the essence of something pure would be corrupted, stripped of its beauty.

* After a visit to an art gallery in Tribeca, I took a slow steady walk back to Williamsburg. The art gallery was featuring latin american artists, one of them a friend of mine from Argentina. During this particular day the L train was not working, and going back home meant taking the J or M trains. However walking back to Brooklyn meant walking across the Williamsburg bridge for the first time. Halfway across the bridge, the sun was going down and the view of Manhattan was quite charming.

* “Friends must be the ends and not the means” (Rainer Maria Rilke)

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