Sui Generis

28c38-2012-05* It’s so hot right now. My cat is sleeping. She excels at sleeping and cuddling. Earlier today I went for a walk but it was rather uncomfortable because of the heat and humidity. Yesterday was nicer. The flea market was happening and couldn’t resist having some good food while being there. This hangover feels that is the outcome of a full week of little sleep staying up late. Dancing is one of the things that I enjoy the most. Last friday we danced a bit and made plans to go salsa dancing, maybe going to that famous club called “copacabana”. Never mind that. We could dance anywhere. It’s so fucking hot. Think I’m gonna take a shower….

* Recently I saw again “The Lost Boys”. I fondly remember that film from when I was in high school. After so many years I didn’t recall the soundtrack… it has a tune that is haunting me now. Reminds me of a song from the movie “Hardware” that also haunted me for the longest time.

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