Voltage Controlled Oscillator

83d35-2012-10-v2Weather forecasts and the news have heavily announced a scary storm coming this way. Glad I made it back to the city on time, after being away for a long weekend of live music and wandering walks. It was refreshing to be exposed to performers I’ve never heard before. In particular I liked Buke & Gase (formerly Buke & Gass) and ExitMusic. There was also an electronic music pioneer called Morton Subotnic who blasted a wall of random analog sounds in tight rhythm patterns accompanied by psychedelic visuals. The math rock jazz duo Ahleuchatistas blew me away. Besides some other music acts and some excellent discussion panels, I enjoyed walking around. Took me a while but I manged to reach another small town where the yellow leaves of fall were specially magical. The last performance I attended was Orbital, a legit 90’s flashback. I’m dead tired. So much dancing, wandering walks and chicken biscuits… now a storm is coming. It feels good to be back home.

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