Voodoo And Magnetism

13060-2013-02During a long night there was some sort of event (or ceremony) happening at a big resort hotel. My family, that is my sisters, both mom and dad, had their own rooms. The pillows of the beds had talking faces which came in handy when I got inside the wrong room and the talking pillows told me that I was not supposed to be there (dude this is not your room). For some reason I couldn’t find my underwear so I considered wearing my pants without it. Found some loose change on the floor, but among the many pennies there were some platinum coins worth $200 or $2000, not sure anymore. My girlfriend was taking a sun bath by the pool when I approached her and kiss her. Back at the ceremony there was a string quartet but the violinist was playing and dancing around. Suddenly we were laying in bed wondering what time we set the alarm for, so it was 6:45am and the actual sound of the alarm was an americana kind of song, with an upbeat vintage guitar sound…

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