Babylon Zoo

99f98-2013-04Last night by chance I ended up watching again the film “Adaptation” and at the end of the film a phrase is spoken briefly: “you are what you love”. Today when I woke up I was still thinking about what it means. I recognize that the moments that I have truly felt alive have been when I’ve been passionate without measure about something.

Wish I could be this passionate with what I do for a living, since it’s not exciting anymore. What else should I do, then? Should I give up everything and start over? It would be great if at least Alessio and I could come out with a one hit wonder song and make some money that way. Maybe I shouldn’t worry about my work, since most people probably hate their jobs anyway.

Recently I’ve been swimming and running again, trying to lose a not-so-cute beer gut and getting in shape before summer. Wish I could go back to school and get a PhD in artificial intelligence or something of the sort… yeah, the brain needs to work out too.

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