Red Wine And Sleeping Pills

c95c2-2013-05After spending the evening recording tracks for a new song and rocking out random tunes, we went out for a drink at a bar nearby. There we watched quite amused some 1960’s movie with greeks in tights, swords and helmets fighting each other and facing one or two monsters that were actually big puppets for some funny close-up fights. One scene in the movie had all this soldiers trying to storm a castle but were deterred with fire balls, boiling oil, arrows and spears.

Next evening at home I watched again a film based on comic books: Edgar Wright’s “Scott Pilgrim vs the World”. Quite a slick love story filled with arcade-like battles between a young man and the seven (7) evil exes of his girlfriend. Imagine if we had to do that in real life, to battle all the exes of our love interest in order to really win her heart and affection. Maybe we would value it more since it was attained at a high cost. At the end of the weekend the only sunny day was fully enjoyed outside of the city, upstate new york, climbing rocks and going through a maze of giant boulders and the greenest trees.

Going back to the office after a holiday weekend gives me the feeling that all those wonderful moments are nothing but a far away memory. Specially when first day back at work is a shitty rainy day…

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