Zombie Run

33012-2013-07* In my dream I was some sort of a devil, ancient and ageless, sporting casual clothes and my mechanical wrist watch. My dad was around but his energy was like a strong magnetic field  affecting the gears and timing of my mechanical watch. All of the sudden there was a pandemic turning everybody in the world into monsters or mutations. Took a while but being disfigured became the norm.

* Sumi (my black cat) spent some days at the animal hospital. She was vomiting, drooling, without appetite, dehydrated. When I finally brought her home she was back to normal, eating a lot, sleeping, drinking plenty of water, purring, being cute. However she’s taking various medications and going through a special diet. Promised to Sumi (and to myself) to never send her back to the animal hospital, that I will take better care of her. Yeah, I love that cat.

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