Cinema Village

84c60-2013-08* Supposedly we are in the future, however there are no flying cars or personal spaceships, yet we still have primitive acts of revenge and violence, crushing wars across the globe, plenty of mind crippling cults and disparate religious beliefs, social inequalities, hunger and disease, human drama of injustice, disproportionate power and wealth in the hands of a handful of people worldwide. There are toxic chemicals polluting the planet, radioactive spills, mortal diseases without a cure, all humanity guilty of contributing to the extinction of all life. Thinking about it all makes me question my own sanity…

* Tired of wearing my glasses I briefly considered getting eye surgery, then changed my mind after reading an article about the side effects some unlucky people have afterwards. I’ve never had contacts so if I want to keep seeing sharp then I have to wear my glasses. At least the frame is kind of cool… made in Denmark.

* Funny that in North Korea the only fat person is their glorious leader….

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