Future Perfect Tense

c6ffb-2013-09* One of my sisters got diagnosed with Leukemia, and promptly after being hospitalized she started chemotherapy. My other sister and myself need to be tested for compatibility for a bone marrow transplant. As usual my mother has kept her cool and my father appears to be completely shaken and frustrated. Well, my mother is a nurse and my dad a chemical engineer, and it shows that my mom can handle life and death matters better than my numbers crunching brainiac dad. When my sister shared with me the news that she was ill a thousand images of us growing up together bursted through my brain. Funny how our perspective about things in life changes dramatically so quick and without warning.

* “When you let me fall, grew my own wings, now I’m tall as the sky. When you let me drown, grew gills and fins, now I’m deep as the sea. When you let me die, my spirit’s free, there’s nothing challenging me”  – excerpt from “Ring the Bells” song by british band JAMES

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