The Three Shadows

faad8-2013-10* After a month of going through the motions of dealing with leukemia, which included a first set of chemotherapy sessions, my sister is finally leaving the hospital, and even though she has her head shaved and is a few pounds lighter, she is still a very beautiful woman.

* One of the most rewarding things of living in NYC is the fact that there are always excellent live music acts to experience. In a single month I had my share of 70’s progressive rock (Goblin), industrial noise (Nine Inch Nails) and alternative glam (Placebo). On another music note, yesterday was sunday, an almost “perfect day”… unfortunately it was also Lou Reed’s death.

* With an increasingly cold weather is getting harder to wake up early in the morning to go out around dawn and run eight ten kilometers (five six miles for those fond of the american way of measuring things). However this daily routine still gives me a wonderful natural high, a pleasant way to welcome the remains of the day…

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