Non Dire Gatto…

f7062-2013-11* During three weeks my younger sister was visiting NYC, once again we were temporary roommates. She’s a social magnet, easily makes new acquaintances wherever she goes exploring all the city boroughs, it was fun trying to keep up with her over abundance of good energy.

* Accidentally I broke my favorite glasses. The frame was split in half, right where the nose is supposed to fit. So I decided to fix it: removed the arms and carefully placed the small screws on the side, used super glue to get the frame together and waited 24 hours before attempting to put the arms back. Ridiculously enough I dropped the tiny screws on the floor! Like a snake sliding slowly through the floor I scanned the whole living room, carefully moving or lifting furniture, sucking plenty of dust (need to clean up a bit I guess) until I found the two screws (one took way too long to be found). At the end I was able to put the arms back and the glasses now have a bit more character, with a scar right in the middle.

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