Only Lovers Left Alive


* My sister Juliana has a new boyfriend and as usual he’s shorter than her. At a party my sister was wearing high heels and looked even taller than normal. Chusco asked him if he was not bothered by the fact that he looked so small by my sister’s side. Smart enough his reply was “Of course not, I look successful”. I haven’t met him yet but I already like him.

* We agreed to meet in Greenpoint and then rode our bicycles north, passing through Queens until we made it across a bridge into Randall’s Island. Over the weekend the “Frieze Art Fair” was happening, showcasing the works of mostly contemporary artists from all around the world. A sculpture that resembled an earthquake reminded Melissa of her job. After spending most of the afternoon at the art fair, we decided to head back to Brooklyn only to be welcomed by a fierce thunderstorm, getting us completely drenched and shivering cold, riding our bicycles became more challenging than normal specially through flooded streets, forcing us to find shelter… but not before a kiss in the rain.

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