Masculin Féminin


* On my birthday I was off from work and decided to go for a long run crossing the Manhattan bridge and back via the Williamsburg bridge totaling 12 kilometers. Around noon I watched the soccer world cup match of Colombia beating Ivory Coast 2-1. After the game I had a southern style lunch with fried chicken, corn bread, brussels sprouts and kale. Melissa left work early and came over on her bicycle, bringing home-made cupcakes, a red journal, a funny birthday card and an amazing book about photography. We made it on time to the Anthology Film Archives to attend the premiere of the “Italian Connection”, a film festival organized by Alessio. Afterwards we had an amazing dinner at Desnuda, the ceviche place on 7th St. A brief visit to Ace Bar and then a taxi home. That was the end of spring, summer was about to welcome us.

* “Beats are broken, bones are spastic, boombox talkin’ with a southern accent” – from Beck’s song ‘Cellphone’s Dead’.

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