Rain And Synths

Went to midtown Manhattan and bought a Moog Voyager XL. The ebay listing was for a used unit with a huge discount from the list price. Armen’s shop was like a museum: walls of synths from 70’s to 90’s piled on top of each other. Quite an interesting one man shop.

To take the XL home I rode the subway, and carried the incredible heavy synth with the assistance of a hand truck that I got at Penn Station (same place where I got one back in 2000). In the subway station I used elevators where available, but still strained my back while carrying the huge box up and down some stairs. Then I walked home quite a few long blocks until I made it home. Such was the frustration that I felt when I discovered that one F key was not working. 

Next day I woke up to rain leaks in the apartment, mostly in the bedroom. Glad the leaks were not on top of the computer desk and synths. Rain fell hard throughout the day. Took a car service back to the store, exchanged the synth for an unopened brand new synth. Afterwards I went to Main Drag and bought a concertina for Melissa and our music room….

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