Sumi (the cat) died on my arms. We took her to the veterinary twice last week and started giving her some medicine. Friday she was her old self, eating a lot, purring when I rubbed her back and belly, laying her little head next to mine while I was in bed, hunting for butterflies in the patio. Friday was the last time she was merry and happy.

On Saturday morning everything changed. Laying on the floor she was trying really hard to get on her four legs but she was weak and lacked coordination. I lift her from the floor and put her in my arms (like a baby) and tried to calm her down, caressing her head while talking to her. She looked terrified and confused. We sat on the patio and together we witnessed a new dawn, but she started shivering (it was actually rather cold) so we came back inside and sat on the living room. She sighed three times, with long pauses in between…. then Sumi was gone.

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