Game Of Thrones


Around the world there are plenty of examples of strongmen ruling a country.

They came to power via democratic elections (crooked or not), after a military coup, hand picked as a successor, at least one simply inherited power from his daddy. An ex-KGB agent is making Russia great again (so he thinks). The only fat person in North Korea rules (everybody else is skinny probably because don’t have enough to eat). In Venezuela an uneducated (for not bluntly calling him ignorant) populist is hanging by a thread to the presidency. Sadly the list of strongmen is rather long and most of them will be around for long years to come.

What the world needs is more grounded, smart, pragmatic rulers, really worth of respect and admiration (think Merkel and Obama) that can provide the world with a glimmer of hope. The prospect of a big mouth, racist, egomaniac, tan machine addicted idiot as US president is terrifying.

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