Grupo Niche Cali Pachangero


* We spent over a week in Cali (Colombia), the city where most of my childhood and early adulthood took place. Danced to salsa music, ate yummy food and had quality time with my mom, sisters, dad, grandmother, aunts, uncles, cousins and good old friends.

* Every morning Melissa and I would go for a run around a nearby park, where street vendors had on offer fresh fruit juices, arepas or grilled chorizos to all the people at the park exercising or simply hanging out. One vendor lady would shout out “Juguito de naranja mi reina” as we ran by. Weather was unusually rainy, specially at night (my sister Juliana got soaked wet quite frequently).

* My niece Martina is a mirror of my sister Monica. My nephew Tomas is a mirror of Alejandro. Glad they both liked the Legos we got them for xmas.

* Back to Brooklyn and a cold winter. A massive snow storm hitting the east coast delayed our return for a couple of days. January birthdays and karaoke singing. Can’t believe is almost the end of January. Memories of our trip to Colombia still warm in our hearts.

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