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* When I do a speed-run my muscles burn and my heart beat goes so incredibly fast I should find a way to record its sound.

* A drone synth playing back and forth. Oscillator 1 is a triangle wave. Oscillator 2 is square wave. Oscillator 3 is a pulse width modulation (pwm) wave. Cutoff frequency is -3.5. Filter emphasis is around 9. The amount of filter countour is 2. The rate of the LFO (low frequency oscillator) is 1.5. Modulation is affected by LFO and Oscillator 3. A short sequence looping in PRO-TOOLS with a beat from BOOM drum machine. Time goes by endlessly.

*  “Heaven can wait, and hell’s too far to go. Somewhere between what you need and what you know. And they’re trying to drive that escalator into the ground” – lyrics from “Heaven Can Wait” by Charlotte Gainsbourg and produced by Beck.

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