Compelling Testimony

2018-09* Today I took a day off from work. Rode the subway and got off around 59th St and 5th ave. Walked all the way down to Union Square / 14th St. As I was walking I ran into a square of food street vendors and had some Japanese squid with noodles. There were tourists (with their little tourist books about NYC). Homeless, beggars and despair too. People taking their lunch break or rushing back to work. A couple of ladies were crying for whatever reason. A woman was telling to other person at the other side of a telephone call that “she needed space”. After I said thanks for my delicious lunch the japanese street vendor bowed his head and said “arigato”.

* On the subway going back home another homeless man (and very angry to the world) asked (actually yelled) for attention for any loose change we had. There was a beautiful fat black lady singing on the downstairs area to reach the L train. Among my thoughts was the possibility of leaving my job. It’s tempting to have the opportunity to start over again…. even though I’m not 25 anymore.

* Had a dream about my maternal grandparents. My grandma Josefa was singing, probably to those romantic songs of “Dario Gomez”. My grandpa Alfredo was dancing. In real life I can’t recall seeing him dance (ever). But in my dream he was graceful and happy with every beat on the dance floor.

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