Minimoog Model D


* In 2005 as part of what was called “The Capcom Five” a surreal game called “Killer 7” was released for the Nintendo Gamecube, directed by Suda51 (alias of japanese artist Goichi Suda). All the characters are just multiple personalities embraced by a single man. But all of them are referred as “The Smiths”…. just like the 80”s british band.

* We hosted xmas eve. Melissa cooked a delicious moroccan beef and baked a chocolate cake. In the background we played “The Muppets Christmas Carol” (with Michael Caine) and “Die Hard” (with Bruce Willis and Alan Rickman). From overseas I talked to Monica, Juliana, Jairo, Nidia, Chusco and got a voicemail from Diana. At home we had the company of Mike, Kathryn, Christina and Pete. And little Penny and Hattie (who discovered the sound of analog synths in our music corner).

* It’s been two (2) years of the most inept president in US history… luckily the world is still spinning around the sun and on track to stay in the correct orbit.

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