Biohazard – Resident Evil


* Memorial Day weekend, a monday holiday. Yesterday the NY Times had a front-page with just words: one thousand (1.000) names of Americans who died of COVID-19 during the last 3 months. Just a very small percentage of USA’s official tally (or worldwide numbers). But every single one is gone, no more sunshine in their faces.

* We’ve been under lock-down rules for a few months already. Going out to get groceries, wearing a face-mask, as most people do (however not everyone does). A police car going around the neighborhood asking people to stay indoors or keep at least 6ft distance between each other. We’re inside a Stephen King novel (or a new Netflix series…)

* On Sunday, while Melissa was still working (she’s working all the time), I had the backyard grill going with salmon, corn and asparagus. It was a nice spring dinner.

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