Who Watches the Watchmen?


* A few nights ago I dreamt of President Trump. His face didn’t even had eyes or nose or mouth. Just a yellow wig resembling his hair. The reason his face didn’t have eyes, nose or mouth was because his whole head was a giant testicle, with veins bursting with rage.

* First real synthesizer that I saw in person and was able to play was a Yamaha SY77 that was being displayed at my local shopping mall (Cosmocentro) back in 1991.

* We met at a bar five (5) years ago…. (^_^)!

Seventeen Seconds


* First episode of “Game of Thrones” aired on April 17, 2011. Even though I prefer movies over tv series, around the time Melissa and I met in 2014 was when I got hooked by the series. Had to start watching from the beginning to really understand who was who and where was where, that winter is coming and may last for years. Ice walls and arid deserts. Castles and forests. Dragon eggs….. baby dragons?

* “Was there no Life before there was Twitter? Was it stodgy, lackluster or bitter? I find Life too fleeting. To spend time in Tweeting, I’m a face-to-face kind of a critter!” – poem by Larry Eisenberg who recently died age 99.

Somos Calentura

2019-03* Albert Einstein didn’t spend a lot of time thinking about clothes. Didn’t bother with socks. Had long hair to minimize the time spent at a barber. Kept it simple so he could spend time and energy on other more important endeavors.

* A Boeing 737 Max 8 airplane crashed in Indonesia back in November 2018. Another identical airplane crashed in Ethiopia in early March 2019. Both airplanes were forced into a dive by faulty automated systems. Damn the FAA and Boeing’s greed and blood money. Last words of one of the pilots was “God is great”.

* Last time my sister Juliana was in NYC was back in 2013. Aguardiente (sin azúcar) is her drink of choice. The Peruvian pipe that she  got me years ago has come in handy. Her laughter is just a glimpse of her wonderful energy.

Der Himmel über Berlin


* Trip to Berlin was amazing. Soccer match between Bayern Munich and Hertha Berlin was fun (fans of both teams are insane). We met with Alessio who flew in from Italy. Pork schnitzel, lamb dönner kebab, currywurst… so good!  DDR and STASI museums were both trips back to the cold war. What remains of the Berlin wall is mostly covered with paintings and graffiti. To fly over the Atlantic is always a thrill.

* Henri Cartier-Bresson was a french humanist photographer. Pioneer of street photography, carrying a Leica 35mm camera with a normal 50mm lens.

* Flan, Konjac, Tofu, Uiro-Mochi and Annin Tofu are fearless zombie slayers!

Is Happening Now


* Last night I was listening via NPR radio a story of a man convicted for murder, sentenced  to death, and within weeks of the execution date, after almost 20 years in prison, he was set free. In the original trial the prosecutors hid evidence from the defense. For some reason I broke in tears, mostly because I was listening to the voice of the man who was innocent and spent a huge chunk of his life in jail, in death row.

* Anxiety at work is unusually high, even creeping into my sleep. But then again I do enjoy a good challenge…. today I’m going head on towards it.

* Melissa is sleeping. She doesn’t seem to notice my typing on this mechanical keyboard (feels almost like a typewriter of old). Is early, still dark and coffee is ready….

Minimoog Model D


* In 2005 as part of what was called “The Capcom Five” a surreal game called “Killer 7” was released for the Nintendo Gamecube, directed by Suda51 (alias of japanese artist Goichi Suda). All the characters are just multiple personalities embraced by a single man. But all of them are referred as “The Smiths”…. just like the 80”s british band.

* We hosted xmas eve. Melissa cooked a delicious moroccan beef and baked a chocolate cake. In the background we played “The Muppets Christmas Carol” (with Michael Caine) and “Die Hard” (with Bruce Willis and Alan Rickman). From overseas I talked to Monica, Juliana, Jairo, Nidia, Chusco and got a voicemail from Diana. At home we had the company of Mike, Kathryn, Christina and Pete. And little Penny and Hattie (who discovered the sound of analog synths in our music corner).

* It’s been two (2) years of the most inept president in US history… luckily the world is still spinning around the sun and on track to stay in the correct orbit.

Elektron Digitakt


* Traveled to San Diego, CA to attend the wedding of the youngest cousin of Melissa. It was a wonderful long weekend for us. However it was not so wonderful for lots of people who lost their homes or their lives because of California wildfires….

* A Russian ship attacked an Ukrainian ship in international waters. Another mass murder shooting in the USA. Washington Post reporter was brutally murdered by direct orders of Saudi Arabia’s Crown Prince. Our pathetic President sees no evil and contradicts what the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) clearly concluded.

* Love and affection. Smell of skin. Morning breathing before dawn. Coffee and “monkey brains” breakfast. NY Times crossword puzzle. Melissa is a rainbow all the time.